South Bay salt ponds will see massive restoration effort

By Mark Prado
Salt ponds
South Bay salt ponds. Doc Searls via Wikimedia Commons.

The Sierra Club magazine has an interesting story on the effort to restore South Bay salt ponds back into tidal marshes.

It’s a big project: It will take 50 years and encompass more than 15,000 acres. It will be the largest such effort on the West Coast.

Marshes that rest along baysides protect communities from storms, flooding, erosion and sea-level rise by absorbing water, according to experts. 

Resilience work is also being done on marshes by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership. The Partnership’s overall work is guided by the development and implementation of the Estuary Blueprint, a vision for the estuary’s future.

The partnership’s host entity is the Association of Bay Area Governments, which is staffed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission