SolTrans charging of zero emission bus fleet becomes more efficient

Photo courtesy BB&B Business Group

Solano County's SolTrans is now using cloud-based software to use energy more efficiently, helping the state toward its goal of transitioning all public transit agencies to 100 percent zero-emission bus fleets by 2040.

SolTrans’ Operations and Maintenance Facility is now optimized for energy use through AMPLY Power, which is managing the charging of zero-emission buses for SolTrans

At SolTrans’ Facility, AMPLY Power installed a cloud-based smart charging system that monitors the charging status and power levels in real-time, deploying algorithms to minimize utility demand and time-of-use rate charges.

SolTrans' fleet consists of 44 percent non-diesel vehicles; the Bay Area Air Quality Management District funded two of the four battery-electric buses, one compressed natural gas bus, and 21 diesel-hybrid buses. In addition, it is running two compressed natural gas paratransit vehicles, and 16 in its SolanoExpress fleet. SolTrans has four charging stations at its Operations and Maintenance Facility.

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