SF will see big changes to rail system when service returns

Mark Prado

When MUNI Metro rail service comes back in August it will look different. The changes are outlined here.

Some Muni Metro lines will be taken out of the subway to reduce the pre-COVID-19 delays and backups in the tunnels. That will also allow for the addition of more cars to Metro trains to increase capacity.

Using tunnels for higher capacity routes will use the space in the subway more efficiently. These changes will support more essential trips and physical distancing, officials said.

Among the changes: 

  • The L-Taraval and K-Ingleside will be combined and will no longer enter the subway at West Portal Station. This new interlined route will run from the SF Zoo to City College at Balboa Park Station. West Portal will be a transfer point to either the M/T line or S-Shuttles for riders who need to continue to downtown.
  • The J-Church will no longer enter the subway. It will terminate at Market Street. To continue downtown, customers can transfer to the M/T line or S-Shuttle at Market and Church, or the N-Judah at Duboce Avenue and Church Street.




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