San Francisco bike use by the numbers

MTC bike crew in 2019.
Mark Prado

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has come up with bike data for 2019.

The SFMTA’s bike count summary provides insight into San Francisco’s shifting travel patterns. Releasing the annual data is one way the agency keeps the public informed about projects and programs.

Some 2019 factoids from the data:

  • 39 automated counters clocked over 10.8 million bikes, 3.1% more bikes than 2018.
  • About 52,000 cyclists were observed at 37 locations during a.m. and p.m. peak periods, a 14% increase from 2018.
  • The Marina Bike Path kept its spot as the most popular two-way route in 2019 with more than 1 million cyclists counted at Baker Street.
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