Resilient By Design | Bay Area Challenge: 10 Teams, 32 Ideas to Address Climate Change

The evidence is everywhere: sea levels are on the rise and countries around the world must adapt before disaster strikes. The San Francisco Bay Area is at the forefront of this nascent adaptation effort with the Resilient by Design challenge, which has selected 10 high-powered teams from across the globe to come up with innovative design ideas that address sea level rise and resilience to climate change around the region.

Over the past two months, the design teams have toured communities around the San Francisco Bay, learning about the challenges Bay Area cities face with respect to severe storms, flooding and sea level rise, along with broader challenges around infrastructure, affordability and inequity. This week, the challenge began showcasing 32 imaginative and inspirational designs developed by the 10 teams. Over the next two weeks, Bay Area residents will be able to view the options in person and virtually, and offer their feedback. 

Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge as the sun sets

The 32 Design Opportunities are available for review and public comment online via Neighborland and for viewing at locations including the Bay Area Metro Center, SPUR San Francisco, SPUR Oakland, SPUR San Jose and the San Mateo County Office in Redwood City. The Neighborland online gallery introduces the 10 teams and features a series of videos explaining each of the design concepts. Comments must be received by December 1, 2017. 

Learning about Highway 37 at the Mare Island Historical Center

Major funding for Resilient By Design comes from the Rockefeller Foundation. Other funders include the California State Coastal Conservancy, Bay Area Regional Collaborative, the Seed Fund, Santa Clara Valley Water District, City and County of San Francisco, Resources Legacy Fund, Marin Community Foundation, Pacific Gas and Electric, and MTC.

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