Report: Upgrading apartments in Bay Area can be costly

Mark Prado

Looking to rent a place with more space in the Bay Area? Be prepared to pay. That's according to a new report from RENTCafé.

In San Francisco, you’re likely to pay an average of $1,033 for an extra room, the the second-highest amount in the nation among large cities, only behind Manhattan at $1,592 extra per month.

More Bay Area factoids:

  • If you live in San Francisco but don’t want to pay $1,000 for an extra bedroom, you could cut that sum in half or even save money while having a roomier apartment by moving to the East Bay. The best option in the East Bay is Fremont, where San Francisco renters would not only get an extra bedroom but also save $197 a month on rent. That would amount to a savings of $2,300 annually.
  • There are two other similar “hidden gems” in the Bay Area: Alameda, where you can save $36 a month, and San Rafael, where an extra bedroom costs just $19 extra per month.
  • Moving from San Francisco to a larger apartment in San Jose would mean only $38 more on rent, on average. 
  • Upsizing in San Jose is cheaper than in Oakland. For an extra bedroom, renters in San Jose would have to pay an additional $582 on the monthly rent, while those living in Oakland are expected to pay an extra $872 monthly.
  • The city with the highest upgrading costs in the Bay Area is Menlo Park, where an extra bedroom would cost you around $1,200 more on rent.

The full report is here.