Report: SF, Oakland among top cities to live without a car

Mark Prado

San Francisco and Oakland are among the top cities in the country to live without a car, according to a new report from CoworkingCafe, which analyzed more than 300 cities.

The report looks at multiple metrics: the percentage of the population that uses public transportation, how many commute by walking, biking, or other means, as well as station density, average fare and other criteria.

The report notes:

  • California stood out in the study due to its relevant metrics with San Francisco and Oakland making the top 10, in 5thand 8th place, respectively.
  • San Francisco ranked 4th when it comes to the use of public transportation, with almost 28% of the population using its infrastructure.
  • San Francisco also took 5th place in terms of taxi or motorcycle usage, as almost 4% of its residents rely on those means of transportation.
  • Oakland ranked 11th for station density, with 1.16 available per square mile.
  • Oakland has a low number of breakdowns and mechanical failures within its public transit system.
  • When it comes to co-working options, San Francisco and Oakland registered 7.28 co-working spaces per 100,000 residents and 5.49, respectively. This distribution comes into play for workers who need a flexible workspace near their home, helping shorten commutes.
  • Nationally, San Francisco and Eugene, Oregon stood out for the highest bike lane density, with 4 miles of bike lanes per square mile.

No Cars Chart

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