Report: SF Housing space grows in the last decade

Housing size
Mark Prado

STORAGECafé’s most recent report looking at home size evolution in the past decade shows that San Francisco has been building bigger houses and apartments.

Among the report's findings about San Francisco:

  • San Francisco single family homes gained 550 square feet since 2010, and now average 3,200 square feet. Among the 20 largest US cities, only Chicago added more square footage to its homes in the last decade.
  • Apartments in San Francisco experienced the highest increase in square footage among the 20 largest cities in the nation at 107 square feet, and now average 767 square feet.
  • While San Francisco is now building bigger, compared to other urban hubs, apartments in San Francisco are still on the smaller side. The changes in space over the last decade has only managed to bump San Francisco apartments from the smallest among the 20 largest cities in 2010 to 4th smallest in 2019.
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