Report: How glacier-melt contributes to sea-level rise

Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.
Mark Prado
Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.

That glaciers around the world have been melting at a faster than usual pace has been known for decades, but new research is now linking how the phenomena affects sea-level rise.

The scientific journal Nature first published the findings and National Geographic broke down the data into a more understandable format. 

The bottom line is melting glaciers are contributing to one-third of the sea-level rise recorded around the world. 

Locally, work is being done by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership to address sea-level rise. The Partnership’s overall work is guided by the development and implementation of the Estuary Blueprint, a vision for the estuary’s future.

The partnership’s host entity is the Association of Bay Area Governments, which is staffed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission


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