Report: Bay Area residents, other Californians head to Texas

Texas barn

With an average of almost 190 daily moves from California to Texas from 2010 to 2019, a new report looks more closely at where exactly residents of The Golden State are moving to in Texas and what they get in the tradeoff.

Among the highlights of the STORAGECafé report:

  • California to Texas is the busiest interstate relocation route in the country, with the Lone Star State attracting more than 82,000 Californian move-ins in one year.
  • Affordability and space are two major perks for Californians moving to Texas. It’s easy for former Californians to live bigger in Texas, with homes in the Lone Star State being 59% less expensive compared to California and 14% larger.
  • When analyzing county-to-county migration, Los Angeles County came out as the main supplier of new Texans – out of the top 25 most popular California to Texas routes, eight originate in the LA area.
  • Other popular originating counties are San Diego (with seven routes in top 25), Orange County (with four routes) and Santa Clara (with three routes).
  • Alameda, Riverside and San Francisco are also among the counties leaking Californians, but with one route each. Alameda residents mostly choose the Dallas area, Riverside transplants go for the Houston area, and San Franciscans are heading to the Austin area.

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