Report: Bay Area home to luxury renters

Luxury home
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While the Bay Area battles to create affordable housing, there is another segment of the market lapping up luxury rentals.

Affluent lifestyle renters skyrocketed in the past years, according to a new report from Point2Homes. And those renters want more — modern amenities, extra space, and no mortgage hassles — all driving up the demand for luxury single-family rentals across the country.

According to historical Census data, 10.9 million renters lived in single-family homes in 2001, making up just under 30% of all renters. By 2022, there were 14.3 million single-family renter households, accounting for about 32.5% of all renters. 

For the study, Point2 analyzed the inventory of single-family homes for rent in the 100 largest U.S. cities, taking into consideration the cities with at least 50 listings. Based on prices, two categories were identified: Tier 1 (Luxury Houses for Rent) with monthly rental rates above $5,000 and Tier 2 (Ultra-Luxury Houses for Rent) with monthly rental rates above $10,000.

In San Francisco, 36.92% of homes qualified for the luxury category, while San Jose had 22.49% in the same tier. And, with shares of luxury rentals above 10%, Oakland also secured a spot in the top 20 most glamorous rental markets in the state. In the ultra-luxury category, San Francisco had the fourth-highest number of rentals in the nation as 12.31%

The Point2 report analyzes the rental inventory to see which of the 100 largest U.S. cities offer the highest shares of luxury single-family houses for rent. Here's what stood out for California:

  • The Luxury Tier: California dominates the top 10 with five cities having highest shares of luxury single-family rentals. Irvine is in the lead with 74% of its rentals classified as luxury homes, followed by Los Angeles with nearly 60%.
Luxury rentals


  • The Ultra-Luxury Tier: The state tops the list once again. Los Angeles leads this category with almost 29% of its single-family rentals, followed by San Francisco.
Ultra luxury


Explore the complete report and accompanying visuals.

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