Report: All you want to know about the Bay Area rental market

By Mark Prado
Alameda is one of the few Bay Area cities that has seen rents drop. Photo by Craig Howell via Wikimedia Commons.

RentCafe has put out a report looking at mid-year Bay Area rentals, with data showing the far North Bay cities of Rohnert Park, Vacaville and Vallejo having some of the more affordable rents in the region.

Some of the highlights of the report:

  • Of the 40 Bay Area cities analyzed, Alameda ($2,513) was one of the few cities where rents have decreased since January, by $85.
  • Menlo Park ($4,368) and Foster City ($3,536) saw significant rental increases of $279 and $250 respectively.
  • The fastest-growing rents year-over-year were recorded in Menlo Park, where apartment prices went up 10.6% since June 2018.

National RentCafe data can be found here.

The costs of housing in the Bay Area has prompted a look at more affordable housing

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