Report: $400,000 buys little square footage in Bay Area

Mark Prado

With home prices reaching an all-time high of $405,000 in the United States, a new report by Point2 looks at how much square footage $400,000 buys in the nation’s 100 largest cities.

Among the data for the Bay Area and California:

  • Five cities in California offer buyers more than 1,000 square feet of living space for $400,000: Bakersfield and Fresno lead the way, with 1,860 square feet and 1,747, respectively
  • San Francisco and Fremont provide the least space for the new median, between 400 and 494 square feet
  • Nationwide, San Francisco comes second, following only Manhattan which offers the least space at 267 square feet
  • Buyers can get twice as much home for $400,000 in Riverside or in Sacramento than in San Jose, where the median price per square foot is close to $800.

The full report is here: https://www.point2homes.com/news/us-real-estate-news/how-much-space-400000-buys-in-100-largest-u-s-cities.html

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