The overlooked transportation mode: Walking

By Mark Prado
Mark Prado

When there is talk of transportation, thoughts go to cars, trains or buses, but a study from Australia reminds us that walking shouldn't be overlooked.

The group Victoria Walks commissioned a study, "The Economic Case For Investment in Walking."

"Despite its potential to deliver significant benefits to cities and people, walking is typically overlooked in planning and investment decisions – most likely due to its routine nature," the report notes.

It goes on to espouse the unassailable virtues of walking for health, but also hones in on it as a key transportation mode, particularly in urban areas.

"As cities such as Melbourne experience rapid population growth, they are faced with issues including overcrowding, safety, restricted mobility, and the need for a space-efficient urban environment," reads the report.  "... There is a clear need to invest in walking to maintain and extend the vibrancy, health, and economic prosperity of cities"


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