National Transportation Safety Board: Focus on distracted drivers

Novato Narrows
Mark Prado
Novato Narrows in Marin County.

The National Transportation Safety Board wants a greater focus on distracted drivers, the panel said Monday.

The board issued a wish list that includes an outright ban on using cell phones, hands-free or not, by commercial drivers.

It also had a general warning: "Distraction is a growing and life-threatening problem in all modes of transportation. All drivers, pilots, and operators need to eliminate distractions and stay focused on safely operating their vehicle, aircraft, vessel, or train. Pedestrians are equally susceptible to distraction and need to remain aware of their surroundings. We believe distraction should be addressed through education, legislation, and enforcement."

The board also wants more training for air tour, air taxi and medical flight operators, noting they aren't held to the same standard as commercial airlines. 

Technology in the form of anti-crash systems should be in place on all new cars as well, the board said.   



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