MUNI steps up service as school starts

Muni buses
Mark Prado

With SFUSD students returning to school Wednesday, many families who rely on Muni to get to school will see service increase after school as part of the new schedule, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Because Muni vehicles often become crowded during morning peak hours and sometimes pass up stops when there is not enough room for more riders, SFMTA is encouraging families  to plan their trips ahead of time and hop on Muni early to make sure students get to school on time. 

With every public school in the San Francisco Unified School District being served by at least one Muni route, students can expect extra Muni service on the first day of the school this fall and continue providing service throughout the school year.

While the Muni service changes won’t be implemented until Aug. 19, school tripper service will be offered starting today, the first day of school for SFUSD. To view which Muni lines, serve each school, visit

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