Muni offer: Youths ride free for a year starting next month as school begins

Muni car in SF
Mark Prado

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has announced the expansion of the Free Muni for Youth Program to include all youth starting Aug. 15, coinciding with the beginning of the school year.

This one-year program will eliminate the application process for all youth under the age of 18 to ride Muni, regardless of financial status.

There are currently 39,350 active users of the Free Muni for Youth program, representing approximately 72% of those eligible. Existing participants will no longer need to carry their Clipper Card with the pass or tap the reader when boarding vehicles.

While Muni Transit Fare Inspectors will not request proof of payment from youth who appear to be under the age of 19, youth above the age of 16 are encouraged to carry a student ID or other form of ID for age verification. Youth (San Francisco residents only) who utilize cable car service for regular travel can apply for a pass for unlimited travel. 

MTC and SFMTA are transportation partners.

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