MTC's Regional Active Transportation Plan is rolling

Bike riding in San Francisco.

MTC envisions a Bay Area where many more people walk, bike and roll every day on safe, accessible and connected streets, paths and trails to get to people, places and transit. The Regional Active Transportation Plan will help get us here.

Key Elements of the Active Transportation Plan include:

  • Development of a regional active transportation network, a Plan Bay Area Blueprint strategy, that builds off adopted state, regional, county, and local bicycle/pedestrian/trail plans.
  • Policy and program analysis, updated with an equity and Vision Zero focus, including the review and update of MTC’s Complete Streets Policy (MTC Resolution 3765).
  • Funding analysis to identify future funding scenarios to build-out a regional active transportation network and implement the Plan Bay Area 2050 strategies.

The “Create Healthy and Safe Streets” theme from Plan Bay Area 2050 is a foundational element of the Active Transportation Plan. Visit to see details on all 35 strategies, including strategy T8, “Build a Complete Streets network,” and strategy T9, “Advance regional Vision Zero policy through street design and reduced speeds.”