MTC-supported bill lowering speed limits to 20 mph in San Francisco

20mph speed limit signs
Mark Prado

San Francisco is lowering speed limits to 20 mph in several busy traffic corridors using new authority granted under Assembly Bill 43.

In October 2021, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed AB 43, which allows greater flexibility for local jurisdictions to set speed limits on streets with high injuries and fatalities by enabling cities to lower speed limits.

“This long overdue bill is a cornerstone to the state taking action to reduce roadway injuries and fatalities and was a core recommendation coming out of the state’s Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force,” MTC Executive Director Therese McMillan wrote to Newsom in support of AB 43. 

Now, San Francisco is making progress toward its goal of achieving Vision Zero – eliminating traffic-related fatalities – by utilizing the new law

MTC has also established the Vision Zero Working Group looking at pedestrian safety around the entire Bay Area.

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