Knee Deep Times: bomb cyclone explained

Bomb Cyclone
NASA photo

When the media warned Californians about a "bomb cyclone" expected in the forecast on Jan. 4, reporter Robin Meadows restocked her pantry and emergency cabinet and begged her husband to stay home.

So, when the storm came and went with little impact, she was left wondering, what exactly is a bomb cyclone? You can read Meadows' piece here

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It also examines responses from communities of all sizes as the impacts of climate change intensify by connecting with real people and real places. The magazine also interprets the meaning and impacts of policies, projects and investments to address climate change.

KneeDeep Times launched in September 2021 with funding from the Bay Area Regional Collaborative (BARC). In 2022, the magazine received its first grant for a special investigative series from the CO2 Foundation via the magazine’s non-profit fiscal agent Urban Ecology Inc. The publication is an independent magazine and does not represent the views and opinions of its funders.

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