IBTTA kicks off global road safety campaign

Freeway Service Patrol
Mark Jones

The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA), the worldwide group for the owners and operators of toll facilities, this week launched “Be Safe Together,” a new global road safety campaign to educate drivers about the actions they can take to make roads safer for all users.

The first-time campaign, taking place from June 24-28, will include global messaging, digital promotion, and public and driver engagement. MTC's Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) affiliate and other IBTTA members are participating in the campaign, showcasing the tolling industry’s commitment to safety through their work to build and maintain safe roads.

"For decades safety has been a cornerstone goal of the Bay Area's transportation planning, funding and coordinating activities," said Andrew Fremier, MTC's Executive Director, who served as IBTTA's president in 2023. "Among the most visible ways we put this commitment into action is through the Freeway Service Patrol."

The Freeway Service Patrol is a joint operation between the MTC, Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol, a partnership known as SAFE. The patrol is a fleet of roving tow trucks deployed on Bay Area freeways and highways during peak travel times to detect and clear accidents, remove dangerous debris from the roadway, or helping stranded drivers by providing a gallon of gas, providing a jumpstart or refilling a radiator. 

Each minute invested in clearing an incident saves an estimated four minutes in traffic delay and reduces the risk of secondary crashes. The freeway service patrol is free of charge.

The Be Safe Together campaign emphasizes the little choices drivers make at each step of their journey that can make a real difference in others’ lives. By checking tires and cleaning the windshield before getting in the car, ditching the phone, using turn signals, yielding to others, and moving over and slowing down for road workers, drivers can work together to create a safer community on the road.

“Road safety is at the core of everything IBTTA and our members do,” said IBTTA President Bill Halkias. “Encouraging safe driving practices and proper maintenance of our roads is critically important to keeping everyone safe, and I’m excited to highlight that through our first annual Global Road Safety Week.”

IBTTA members are participating in the campaign through direct messaging to drivers on their roads, at their toll facilities and rest areas, and across social media channels, as well as by engaging government and community stakeholders.

“I am thrilled about IBTTA’s Global Road Safety Week. Road safety is IBTTA’s number one priority, and I am excited to partner with our members to show how we can all make our roads a safer place,” said Pat Jones, IBTTA’s CEO and Executive Director. “We also plan to highlight the role empathy plays in creating a safer driving environment and the importance of looking out for one another on the road.”

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