Free webinar series on housing crisis for elected officials and government staffers kicks off April 1

A Housing Element webinar series presented by the Institute of Local Government (ILG) in conjunction with Housing and Community Development (HCD) and aimed at elected officials and city managers will kick off April 1. 

The first session, Exploring New Housing Laws and Ordinances, is this Thursday. Register here. Sessions take place the first Thursday of every month from 2 to 3 p.m., April through October 2021.

This training is intended to be a parallel training to ABAG's 10-part webinar series, which is aimed at local planning and housing staff who are working on Housing Element updates. The ILG/HCD training will cover some of the same content but is tailored specifically for elected officials and administrators.  For more information about ABAG’s Housing Technical Assistance, join the Housing TA mailing list or view the Housing TA website

The series will provide information and best practices, facilitate discussion and answer questions to help local governments better address housing issues in communities.

Other topics will include: 

  • May 6: Rental and Mortgage Assistance, Tenant Protection and Other Tools to Support Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • June 3: Effective Leadership in Housing and Development
  • July 1: Equity and Housing: Meeting and Exceeding California’s Fair Housing Requirements; Strategies to Engage Your Community on Housing Issues
  • August 5: Strategies to Engage Your Community on Housing Issues
  • September 2: Climate-Resilient Land Use & Housing Policies
  • October 7: Housing Strategies to Tackle Homelessness.

The Association of Bay Area Governments' Housing Technical Assistance program is providing assistance for local jurisdictions around the Housing Element update process in conjunction with state Housing and Community Development Department.  For more information about the Housing TA work visit https://abag.ca.gov/our-work/housing/housing-technical-assistance-program and to view the current ABAG webinars for local planning and housing staff focused on Housing Element updates, visit https://abag.ca.gov/our-work/housing/housing-technical-assistance-program/abag-regional-housing-technical-assistance.

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