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Clipper® makes it easy to get to the people and places you love in the Bay Area – simply tag and go on one of the region’s 20+ transit agencies. 

More than a million people use Clipper, and one in four have added Clipper to their phones for even faster boarding. (Using Clipper on your phone couldn’t be easier - just add Clipper to your Apple or Google Wallet, and you’re ready to ride.)

For most residents, the classic blue Clipper card is just what you need. Add value online, at select retail locations or at ticket machines in transit stations all over the Bay: Find locations here. Or set up auto-reload online with a credit card, debit card or bank account.

Some Bay Area residents qualify for discounts, making it even easier to get around on public transit. (And yes, those discounts work with Clipper on your phone.)

Clipper Card Discounts

Click on the links below to learn about the different types of Clipper cards and how to apply. Discounts vary by transit agency.

  • Youth riders ages 5-18 using a Youth Clipper card can ride for less: free trips on Muni, 50% off rides on BART and AC Transit, and discounts on all other Bay Area transit agencies.
  • Riders age 65+ can take discounted rides with a Senior Clipper Card: Save 50% on single rides on Muni or AC Transit, save 62.5% on BART, and receive discounts on all other Bay Area transit agencies.
  • Residents of the Bay Area who have a low income can apply for the Clipper START pilot program. Clipper START offers a 20% or 50% discount on rides with most of the region’s transit agencies.
  • People with disabilities under the age of 65 can apply for the Regional Transit Connection (RTC) card. Qualifying riders can take free trips on Muni, save 62.5% on BART, save 50% on single rides on AC Transit, and have discounted rides on all other Bay Area transit agencies.

Visit for more information about how to pay for transit and ride with Clipper. Applications for certain discount programs are available by email, mail, fax or in person.

Clipper is a program of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

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