Fed report: Air travel about 85% of pre-pandemic levels

Air travel
Mark Prado

The U.S. Department of Transportation on Thursday released its January 2022 Air Travel Consumer Report and it shows air travel about 85% of pre-pandemic levels.

In October 2021, the 582,759 flights operated in October 2021 were 84.8% of the 686,811 flights operated in pre-pandemic October 2019, the report states.

Operated flights in October 2021 were up 56.4% year-over-year from the 372,544 flights operated in October 2020 and up 4.0% month-over-month from the 560,140 flights operated in September 2021.

The report includes which airlines had the best and worst on time records, which carriers cancelled the most flights and how much baggage was mishandled, among other factoids. 

Other aviation consumer matters of interest to the public can be found at

The report is designed to inform consumers about the quality of the services that airlines provide.

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