Endangered marsh mouse calls SF Bay home

Tiny mice that are on the federal endangered species list are the subject of a feature in the latest issue of San Francisco Estuary Magazine

The salt marsh harvest mouse can be found in different areas of San Francisco Bay, where it snacks on pickleweed and other plant life.

Some fun facts: the mice can drink saltwater, swim for hours and are very vocal. They are also threatened by sea level rise, which could wash out their habitat.

The U.S. EPA notes the local mouse is concentrated in the salt marshes of the San Francisco Bay area. However, today the mouse’s populations are smaller and isolated from each other, largely due to human activities. 

The Estuary Partnership — which supports the magazine — is an ABAG program staffed by MTC working to increase the health and resiliency of the San Francisco Estuary. For more information about the San Francisco Estuary Partnership visit: sfestuary.org.        



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