CEO: America's love affair with the automobile is on the rocks

By Mark Prado
Traffic on 19th Avenue
Mark Prado

The CEO of Insurance behemoth Allstate says Americans are falling out of love with their cars.

Tom Wilson made the comments at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech dinner at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday evening. Is the nation's romance with the automobile on the wane?

Ride-sharing services Lyft and Uber, e-bikes, scooters and Zip cars are among the pressures being brought to bear on the long relationship between Americans and their private cars, the argument goes. 

But Business Insider reported not too along ago that Americans are going deep in debt to keep shiny new cars in their garages. And while alternative transportation works in metropolitan areas, that's not the case in rural parts of the country.

Bottom line: It's not easy to break such a long, strong bond. Then again, at one time encyclopedias were in every home and newspapers on every doorstep. 





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