Caltrain's South San Francisco station opening eyed for November

passengers walking alongside a caltrain car to load

Caltrain announced Friday the opening of its new South San Francisco Station is now scheduled for November. 

The new station will function more efficiently and will be safer and convenient for the riders. The new station design will also increase system capacity. The station will have a 700-foot center boarding platform with station amenities, and direct underground tunnel access to the station from the east and west side of the city which is currently physically divided by the freeway and the rail tracks.

There will also be a new multi-modal pick-up/drop-off area and a downtown plaza anchoring each end of the tunnel and providing welcoming entrances to the station. The new station will be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Caltrain riders will continue to use the temporary South San Francisco station until station opening.

MTC is a transportation partner with Caltrain.