California Clean Air Day is Wednesday, some Bay Area transit free

WETA ferry
WETA photo

The fifth annual California Clean Air Day is set for Wednesday, Oct. 5 and several Bay Area Transit agencies are offering free rides as part of the effort. A list of participating agencies can be found here.

San Francisco Bay Ferry (WETA) is one of the agencies offering free rides.

“Ferries are a critical piece of the Bay Area transportation puzzle, providing a clean congestion-relieving transit option to get travelers out of their cars,” said WETA Executive Director Seamus Murphy. “We’ve been busy improving the rider experience in addition to reducing emissions from our ferries, and we welcome commuters to take advantage of a free ride on Clean Air Day on October 5. Once you take a ferry, it’s really hard to go back to sitting in gridlock on the freeway.”

Transit agencies are helping to lead their communities to a more breathable future and have a role to play inspiring the actions of those they serve, organizers of the event noted.

“Public transit is the greenest choice," Santa Rosa City Bus Transit Planner Yuri Koslen said. "Why not give it a try?”

Separately, County Connection, WestCAT and Lynx in Contra Costa County are offering free rides the entire month of October.

Organizers of the clean air event say efforts to clean California’s air is critical: half of the 20 most ozone-polluted U.S. cities are in California, 1 million school absences in the state are related to air pollution, and Californians are four times more likely than other Americans to experience air pollution-related issues.

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