Bikes on Bay Area transit: A comprehensive list

Windswept bicycle commuters on the Berkeley ferry.
Peter Beeler

Bay Area transit agencies allow you to take bikes on almost all vehicles.

By combining transit with biking, you can greatly extend the range of where you can go, whether for adventuring, for commuting or for meeting friends outside of your usual biking distance. And if you pay with Clipper, it’s even faster to board and get on your way.

The list below is an at-a-glance guide, with links for additional details by transit agency.

Some transit agencies have restrictions on e-bikes on transit vehicles, due to their weight and battery safety concerns. If you want to ride transit with your e-bike, check the operator’s website for details first.

Bikes on Transit, By Agency

AC Transit

Regular AC Transit buses have bike racks at the front of the bus for two or three bikes. On Tempo, bikes can be rolled on board through the rear doors and into a bike rack inside the bus.

Altamont Corridor Express (ACE)

Each bike car has 14 bike stalls, with two additional stalls on the lower level.

Angel Island/Tiburon Ferry

The number of bicycles allowed on board is limited only by the space available. The fee is $1.00 per bike per round trip.


Bikes are not allowed on the first car of a train, or on very crowded cars, but are otherwise allowed on BART.


More than 20% of daily Caltrain riders bike to or from a station, and many bring their bikes onboard. Learn the Caltrain rules to ride with your bike.

Capitol Corridor (Amtrak)

Store your bike on the lower-level bike racks or in the designated bike cars (identified by a bike decal on the outside of the car) of the train.

County Connection (CCTA)

Buses have a rack at the front of the bus that can hold two bikes.

Dumbarton Express

Buses have space for two bikes on the front of the bus.

Emery Go-Round

There are two bike racks on the front of the bus.


All FAST buses have bike racks or luggage space for bicycles.

Golden Gate Ferry

Bicycles are welcome, but note that you may need to carry your bike up or down a flight of stairs to embark/disembark. High-speed catamarans have a limit of 30 bikes.

Golden Gate Transit

All Golden Gate Transit buses have three bike racks at the front of the bus or underbelly bike racks.

LAVTA (Wheels)

Every bus has a rack that holds two bikes.

Marin Transit

All Marin Transit vehicles are equipped with bike racks.

Mission Bay TMA

Bikes can be loaded onto the rack at the front of the shuttle bus.


All vehicles are equipped with bike racks.

Muni (SFMTA)

Two bikes can be loaded onto front racks on Muni buses. Bikes are not allowed on trains, historic streetcars or cable cars.

Petaluma Transit

Front-mounted racks on buses can accommodate two or three bicycles.

Rio Vista Delta Breeze

All buses are equipped with bicycle racks.


SamTrans bus racks hold three bikes. Two additional bikes are allowed inside the bus, if space allows.

San Francisco Bay Ferry

Every boat has bike racks. Space may be limited, so arrive early.

Santa Rosa CityBus

Buses have a bike rack in front.


Bikes are allowed on board. Read the full SMART train bicycle policy.


Local buses have a rack on the front of the bus. Express buses have bicycle storage under the bus.

Sonoma County Transit

All buses have racks for two or three bikes.

South City Shuttle

Look for the bike rack on the front of the bus.

Treasure Island Ferry

These small ferry boats can accommodate up to six bikes.

Tri Delta Transit

All buses have racks that hold up to two bikes. If space allows, the driver may let you bring your bike inside when the rack is full.

Union City Transit

Buses have bike racks on the front of the bus.

Vacaville City Coach

Buses have bike racks on the front of the bus.


All buses (except VineGo and Calistoga Shuttle) have front bike racks for two to three bicycles.


All VTA buses (including the Dumbarton Express) have exterior bike racks for up to three bicycles. Rapid 522 buses can accommodate two additional bikes inside the rear of the bus. The Highway 17 Express can hold up to three bicycles; drivers may allow two additional bikes inside the bus, when space permits.

All light rail trains can accommodate up to six bikes in the center of the train car where it articulates (bends).


All WestCAT local fixed route, express and Lynx buses are equipped with bike racks that will hold up to two bicycles.

More Resources

Learn about secure bicycle parking and using your bike on certain bridges and tunnels by visiting

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