BayREN upgrading a home for energy efficiency: A journey in San Leandro

Watch as this San Leandro resident benefitted from BayREN rebates to upgrade her drafty house to an energy efficient and comfortable home. 

Among the upgrades: 

  •  Home weatherization
  •  Electric heat pump for heating and cooling
  •  Electric heat pump water heater
  •  Induction cooking range 

Ready to make an upgrade? Find BayREN rebates here.

BayREN is a coalition of the Bay Area’s nine counties — a network of local governments partnering to promote resource efficiency at the regional level, focusing on energy, water and greenhouse gas reduction. BayREN has helped mitigate 156 tons of carbon, upgraded 60,695 housing units and provided $55.4 million in incentives to make help make the region more environmentally friendly. 

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