Bay Trail makes news north of the border

Bay Trail

The Toronto Star just posted a story on the wonders of the San Francisco Bay Trail.

The article, by the Star's travel reporter Jim Byers, has the headline: "In San Francisco, an ambitious long-distance trail promises to be a hiker’s dream, skirting one of the world’s greatest natural harbours."

Byers has high praise: "The trail takes in a wide array of natural features: marshes teeming with bird life, waterfront hills bathed in deep green grass and towering, sweet-smelling eucalyptus trees, and urban settings where industrial might collides with fragile nature."

Interestingly, Byers outlines the trail in kilometers instead of miles for his Canadian readership. "(The trail) currently stretches about 560 kilometres, and once complete will reach roughly 800 kilometres — or the distance from Toronto to Quebec City. The route will allow hikers and cyclists to navigate around the entire Bay Area, across 47 cities, 130 parks and seven toll bridges." 

The Bay Trail is a joint project of MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments. The project works with partners across the Bay Area to fulfill the vision of a shoreline bicycle and pedestrian path that will be enjoyed for generations.


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