Bay Area Native to Run San Francisco Bay Trail to Raise Money for Animal Charities

By Chirag Rabari

Starting next week, Bay Area native and long distance runner Eileen Francisco will begin an epic, month-long journey to run 500 miles around San Francisco Bay. She hopes to raise money for Animal Run, a 501 3(c) nonprofit organization and racing fundraiser for local animal welfare organizations. 

Eileen is going to run approximately 30 miles every other day starting next Friday, June 29, to complete the circuit, with most of the miles being run along the San Francisco Bay Trail. As shown in the above video from Eileen, she wants to raise $10,000 in seed money to support Animal Run – planned 5k, 10k and half-marathon races to be held later this year where runner registration fees will be donated to various Bay Area animal welfare organizations.

As can be seen in the below chart, the run will begin and end in Richmond-Crocket, traveling in a counter-clockwise direction around San Francisco Bay.



For more information about the run, or to donate, visit the Animal Run website. 

The San Francisco Bay Trail is a planned 500-mile walking and cycling path around the entire San Francisco Bay running through all nine Bay Area counties, 47 cities, and across the region’s seven toll bridges. Over 350 miles are already in place, connecting communities to open spaces, parks, transit, schools and each other.

Find out more on the Bay Trail website and download this brochure and map to plan your own adventure. The San Francisco Bay Trail is a program of ABAG and receives funding for project operation and trail development from MTC.

Disclaimer: Please note, the above information is provided for informational purposes only and to highlight the role of the San Francisco Bay Trail. Neither MTC nor ABAG have any official affiliation with the Animal Run organization, either as sponsors or supporters.