BAHFA featured on San Jose's "Dwellings" housing podcast

affordable housing

The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) is featured on Dwellings, a podcast from the San José Housing Department that focuses on critical issues, including homelessness, affordable housing, and neighborhood revitalization.

The podcast features Kate Hartley, Director of BAHFA, and Daniel Saver, Assistant Director, Housing and Local Planning at MTC, who elaborate on BAHFA's origin, its role in the CASA Compact, the "three P’s," and its unique status as a regional finance agency created by state legislation in 2019. 

They highlight BAHFA's capacity to raise revenue for affordable housing throughout the Bay Area, emphasizing collaboration with local jurisdictions. The discussion delves into the intricate relationship between BAHFA, MTC, and the Associated of Bay Area Governments, showcasing the united effort to address the housing crisis and create meaningful solutions.

Terms and topics discussed:

Transcript: Episode 22: The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority  - Tackling The Housing Crisis At a Larger Scale.

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