Article: Ferries' fabulous future

By Mark Prado
Noah Berger

While not a panacea for Bay Area traffic, The Bold Italic wrote a piece highlighting the key role ferries might have in reducing congestion.  

Routes that now run on the bay are full and there is a demand for more service in some areas, the article notes.

Ferry travel has some things going for it. Infrastructure is simpler, usually consisting of building a terminal and dredging. Highway and rail projects can cost millions and millions of dollars for land acquisition, paving and rails.

There are some downsides: Some note diesel engines are bad for the environment. But cleaner-burning ferries are becoming available. They are also not able to reach as many areas as cars, buses or trains.

MTC is providing $12 million in Regional Measure 2 bridge toll funds to help purchase two ferries for the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority's new service in Richmond that started in January. Passed by Bay Area voters in 2004, the measure raised tolls by $1 on the region’s state-owned bridges.

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