AC Transit looks at zero emission buses

Mark Prado

AC Transit has published the first-of-its-kind technology analysis comparing the types of bus used in public transit service: diesel, diesel hybrid, fuel cell electric, battery electric, and legacy fuel cell.

Data collected from five vehicles of each type are compared in this analysis, which originally gave it the nickname of 5X5. AC Transit's experience with zero emission bus (ZEB) technologies gave the agency the opportunity to integrate lessons learned over the past 20 years—including the development of innovative workforce training programs, data integration, and transit deployment viability.

California is moving towards a completely emission-free bus fleet in 2040, and the data AC Transit is collecting will help inform the decisions we make to move towards cleaner air.  

This is the first of future reports that will be published about every six months. The data we collect will inform the decision making of AC Transit and other transit agencies. 

MTC and AC Transit are transportation partners.

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