ABAG/BayREN program helps residents score homes for energy efficiency

BayREN is now assisting residents understand energy efficiency in their homes with a goal of saving energy.

Through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, BayREN’s Home Energy Score (HES), lets homeowners and renters understand the energy efficiency of their homes on a 10-point scale and provides customized recommendations for upgrades that will help to increase the score.

Rebates are available from BayREN for an energy score and report. Customers can then consult with a BayREN Energy Advisor to identify the best approach to upgrade their homes and take advantage of current incentives and financing.

Residents that implement recommended upgrades can use their updated score to improve their home value in the real estate market. Get started on a Home Energy Score through the BayREN page.

BayREN  — administered by the Association of Bay Area Governments —  offers regional energy programs, services and resources that promote energy savings, while helping local governments evaluate ways to come into compliance with state energy code.


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